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Name:Roy Harper
Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:Nevada, United States of America
This is an RP account for Justice League Forever

Roy’s father died in a wildfire, and he was taken in by the Navajo elder and relative Brave Bow, who raised him as one of his own. When Brave Bow found he was dying of cancer, he needed to find someone to be Roy’s guardian. He chose Oliver Queen, Green Arrow. He didn’t tell Roy he was ill, and sending Roy away gave him some abandonment issues.

Roy took on the name Speedy and served as Green Arrow’s sidekick and partner, often teaming up with the Teen Titans for adventures. Things were great, until Ollie started spending more and more time away with Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. Did I mention Roy had abandonment issues? He got involved with some bad people and started doing drugs. Ollie’s reaction was unpleasant, but not surprising - he threw Roy out. If it weren’t for Hal and Dinah finding him, well, things would probably have been different.

But he got clean He went to work for the government agency Checkmate. While on an undercover mission he met Jade Nguyen, Cheshire. They fell in love and he decided he couldn’t turn her in, walking away from the mission and Checkmate altogether. What he didn’t know at the time was that she was pregnant, later giving birth to their daughter, Lian Harper. Roy rejoined the Titans, got custody of his daughter and changed his codename to Arsenal.

Of course, he still had a turbulent relationship with Oliver Queen, and meeting Oliver’s son Connor Hawke was something of a trip. When Ollie died and Connor took up the mantle of Green Arrow, he had some mixed feelings about that (not that he wanted to be Green Arrow himself).

Now I have to talk about Graduation Day. (Ugh, I hated that arc.) Lilith and Donna die, the Titans (and Young Justice) are disbanded, and Roy’s good friend Dick Grayson, goes off to be a mopey asshole. Well, that won’t do, so Roy forms the Outsiders and drags Dick in to be their leader.

Ollie comes back from the dead, and adopts Mia Dearden. At this point the Arrow fam is starting to pull together into something that resembles a family, and this is where I’m taking him from.
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